For a nice start to the new week with Dürümcü Baba,

It is necessary to make a nice start to the new week by relieving all your tiredness during the week, and to say good morning with a good and good quality breakfast on Saturday and Sunday. Warm bread, fresh bagels, water pastry, potato and spinach Bosniak pastry, local cheese varieties, olive varieties, greens according to the season in our hidden garden, tomato pepper cucumber, tahini molasses, honey, fruit jams, nutellamiz, roasted and sausage eggs, our menu. In addition, a thin cup of unlimited drink tea, hand-heated, touch the heart, plenty of Turkish coffee with frothy Turkish coffee here with the smell of peace. But most importantly; There are 3 indoor halls and a hidden garden, which gives you peace of mind to relieve your tiredness and to welcome the day.

Our friendly and experienced staff and our guests should be welcomed by our warm smiling team.
Weekend spreader breakfast. (Between: 09.00am – 14.00pm) Per Person: 57,50 TL We will be honored to welcome you with our breakfast. Our respect,